Terms And Conditions

Big Train OnTrack™ Rewards Program Membership Agreement 

Please carefully read this Membership Agreement ("Agreement"). It is an agreement between you ("Member" or "You") and Big Train Inc. ("Us" or "We" or "OnTrack Rewards"). By completing the online Enrollment Form and clicking on the agreement check box in that form; you will have shown that you have entirely read, understood, and completely agree to abide by all stipulations set forth in this Agreement.


You must activate a Big Train OnTrack™ Rewards Member Account ("Account") to participate in or to gain access to the Program ("Membership"), including any or all OnTrack™ Rewards offerings, promotions, etc. To enroll, you must complete the online Membership Enrollment Form at http://www.OnTrackRewards.com, then read and agree to the terms of this Agreement. Your Membership is contingent upon continuous adherence to these terms and conditions, as well as any and all future modifications, provided in this Agreement. If Big Train has justified reason to believe that you have not upheld all terms and conditions of this Agreement in good faith, then we reserve the right to immediately revoke your Membership privileges. Such negligence on your part will also result, at the sole discretion of Big Train, in the cancellation of whatever OnTrack™ Rewards Points that have been previously credited to your account.

Membership Eligibility

  • Membership accounts are available to foodservice businesses located in United States. Membership is not available to distributors and resellers of Big Train products.
  • Each Member may maintain only one (1) membership per billing account.
  • Refusal to abide by any rules may result in the cancellation of your Membership privileges, including, but not limited to, the forfeiture of all of your accumulated OnTrack™ Reward Points.

Eligible Products

Currently the system only allows points for qualifying Big Train branded beverage products only. Purchase of DaVinci Gourmet, Oregon Chai, Caffe D’amore, Bellagio or other non-Big Train brands do NOT apply at this time. We are constantly looking for ways to add value with the OTR program. If and when we make a change to this policy you will be notified via the email you used when you registered with OTR.

Membership Requirement Information

As a Member, you must provide us with valid contact information. It is required that you establish and maintain only one membership per billing account, and that you provide Big Train with your unique and valid e-mail address. Big Train reserves the right to terminate WITHOUT PRIOR WARNING any duplicate accounts, resulting in the potential loss of accumulated OnTrack™ Rewards Points. Big Train reserves the right to terminate WITHOUT PRIOR WARNING the account of any Member who construes his or her account so as to intentionally impersonate another OnTrack™ Rewards Member. Big Train reserves the right to terminate WITHOUT PRIOR WARNING any Member's account that contains untruthful information.

Participation in the Big Train OnTrack™ Rewards Program and the use of OnTrack™ Rewards is currently limited to residents of the United States unless Big Train explicitly states otherwise. Big Train Memberships are valid for one (1) year from the date of activation, and are automatically renewed on the anniversary date for each subsequent year.


Big Train reserves the right to make changes to or discontinue the program at any time.

Making Legitimate Purchases from Big Train

You will earn points as described on our OnTrack™ Rewards Programs website at http://www.OnTrackRewards.com Purchases," and Points earned from such purchases as "OnTrack™ Rewards Points." Big Train will determine how the Points that will be credited to your Account. Purchases made from distributors, retailers, resellers and other non-direct companies must be logged by the Member within six (6) months of invoice. Only purchases made after the membership enrollment date will qualify.

  • Big Train is not responsible for changes to, or discontinuance of the OnTrack™ Rewards Program as they affect individuals. The number of OnTrack™ Rewards Points awarded and conditions for earning OnTrack Rewards Points are completely dependent upon Big Train.
  • The determination of whether or not a purchase made through a Big Train OnTrack™ Rewards Card is a "Legitimate Purchase" is ultimately at the sole discretion of Big Train.

Legitimate Use of OnTrack™ Rewards Points

You can redeem your OnTrack™ Rewards Points at Big Train or with authorized distributors and resellers of Big Train in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. One (1) OnTrack™ Rewards Point will be granted for each purchase dollar reported only when redeemed for purchase(s) made at Big Train in a manner consistent with the terms of this Agreement. Taxes, fees, surcharges, blenders, cups, lids purchases do not qualify for rewards points. All other uses of credited OnTrack™ Rewards Points are considered illegitimate, and Big Train will neither honor such uses, nor will we credit OnTrack™ Rewards Points from your Member Account towards the financial obligations that you may incur from such transactions. Redeemed Points are not reversible or refundable. Merchandise purchased with Points may not be returned for credit or refunded.

Accumulation of Points

Purchases must be logged within six (6) months of purchase date. Purchases not registered within six months of purchase will not qualify for points. Purchases must be logged by Member by logging in at www.OnTrackRewards.com. It is up to the Member to monitor and report any discrepancies. Any updates and changes must be requested within six (6) months of purchase date.


You have six months (180 days) to redeem your Certificate once it is generated. Certificates submitted after the 6 month window will not be honored. Be sure to update your email with us as this is the vehicle we will use to send Certificates and make sure you get your emails by tracking your points occasionally. Points will not be reapplied if the Certificate expires.

Limits on Liability for Technological Failure

Big Train accepts NO liability for any losses that you experience because the OnTrack™ Rewards Program and/or its underlying technology, is not operational or accessible to you, other Members, or other individuals. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that contact information is accurate and up to date including email address. The Big Train OnTrack™ Rewards Program does not make any expressed or implied representation or warranties to you regarding the accuracy, reliability, availability, or other operation(s), or that your access to OnTrack Rewards or presentations will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Program Termination

Big Train reserves the right to terminate its Program at any time with notice via the e-mail account that you will have provided to the Big Train OnTrack™ Rewards Reward Program at the time of your Membership registration (or alternatively, to an updated e-mail Member account of which you have given us). While there is no expiration on Points, Members will have twelve (12) months to redeem Certificates after they are issued. Big Train will not be responsible for failing to successfully notify you of Program termination when such failure is caused by an error in your e-mail program or on your e-mail server, or if you have provided Big Train with an inaccurate e-mail or mailing address, or if you fail to check for your e-mail online, or if you fail to inform Big Train of a change in your e-mail or mailing address. In the event that a Member has no activity on his or her account (accumulation or redemption) for a period of one (1) year, then Big Train reserves the right to close said Member's account and any points accumulated shall be forfeited by Member.

Modification of this Agreement

Big Train reserves the right, at the company's sole discretion, to modify any part of The OnTrack™ Rewards Program or this Agreement at any time by changing the Agreement or other information on our Website, as well as statements in our disclaimer(s), privacy statement(s), or other content of our web pages at any time without prior warning to Members. It is entirely the responsibility of each OnTrack™ Rewards Member to fully apprise themselves immediately of any and all changes instituted in OnTrack™ Rewards Member policies, or other knowledge or statements presented on the OnTrackRewards.com web site. Upon changes to this Agreement, the Member, having informed themselves immediately of the changes to this Agreement, must decide whether to maintain his or her Membership. If the Member disagrees with the modified Terms of Service in this Agreement, his or her sole recourse is to withdraw from the OnTrack™ Rewards Program entirely and promptly. The Member must tender his or her withdrawal from the Big Train OnTrack™ Rewards Program in writing or via email (Mail notice to Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, ATTN: Big Train Rewards, 3400 Millington Rd, Beloit, WI  53511 or send an email to BigTrainRewards@kerry.com). Furthermore, within thirty (30) days following voluntary withdrawal from the Program and Big Train OnTrack™ Rewards Membership, the Member shall redeem all OnTrack™ Rewards Points remaining in his or her account. After the thirty (30) day period has expired, the Member's account shall be closed and the Member shall no longer have access to their account at Big Train and the points remaining in the Member's account shall be forfeited.


By submitting the required information on the online form, and acknowledging these terms and conditions, you are indicating that you are over the age of 18 years, that you have entirely read and completely understood this Membership Agreement, and that you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions, as permissible under the law.